JP Guerrier is a London based artist and sound designer, and a graduate from Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art. His work explores the life of materials through physical and sonic making. JP is also interested in interactions between art and science, and the possibilities of cross field collaboration and public outreach. JP comes from a background in theatre sound design, having previously graduated from drama school in London (Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts) and worked on various productions as a sound designer. Performance is another focus of his practice, and he is interested in the possibility of bringing experimental sound design and new sonic perspectives to dance and theatre practice.

I believe we are amalgams of the worlds around us both through the affect of people and non human influence. My practice takes sound as a component of this vibrancy, a signifier of the life of material, and a physical entity which we are entangled with. My recent research centres around phenomenologies of sound, and striving to understand how different sound worlds contribute to who, and what we are. How difference in sonic perception shapes us, and our understanding of the world.

"I lay in bed. Listening to the city below me. The night traffic outside my window, faint voices on the road. It had been a long day and I was thankful to lay my head on a pillow. I close my eyes and try to drift into sleep, focussing on the sounds inside myself and letting the outside world fade away. I think about the sound of my breath, slowly in and out. The saliva in my mouth and throat, swirling and gurgling as I swallow. The faint beat of my pulse. The sounds of me. The sounds of my body. They belonged to me. I thought of their rhythm and constancy, how they had been with me for my whole life, providing an ever-present underscoring to my movement through the world – constant reminders of my humanness. The physicality of my fleshy self, presenting in sonic form. Blocks which built my personal sonic identity.

An internal performance of humanness. Though, recently this performance had changed. A new part had been added to the arrangement."

An extract from "Cyborg Listening: On Identity" (JP Guerrier, 2020).